2 borders
7 costume designers
& a pandemic disease that has paralyzed the world!

directed by Sakis Lalas
written by Valentina De Giorgi
produced by The Dark Candy
Featuring from Los Angeles: Daniel Orlandi (Logan, Jurassic World), Ellen Mirojnick (Bridgerton, Maleficent, Basic Instinct), Meredith Markworth-Pollack (Dynasty, Reign), Kelli Jones (Venom, Bright), Denise Wingate (Melrose Place, Wedding Crashes).
Featuring from Rome: Daniela Ciancio (The Great Beauty, MARS) and Eva Coen (Mafia Kills Only in Summer, the tv series).
Hollywood in Quarantine” was an Official Selection at the Milano Fashion Film Festival 2021



Seven costume designers, two countries divided by the ocean, a pandemic: an unconventional short-documentary, shot through the middle of the lockdown, breaking down the boundaries, the bans from traveling and the social distancing.

2020 will not be a year like any other and we will never forget it.

The year that marks the beginning of a new Age of Aquarius, has already secured a place of honor in history books: 2020 will always be remembered as the year of the ”pandemic”.

March 2020: the virus COVID 19 (coronavirus) spreads all over the world, causing hundreds of thousands of infected and dead, most of which in Italy and in US, the countries most affected.

First, the world plunges into chaos, then comes the total lockdown… and the world just stops.

It sounds like the plot of a Hollywood movie, but it’s not. It is reality that exceeds imagination, or at least it goes hand in hand.

3 billion people are shut-in, forbidden to leave their houses, checked by the police. Everyone’s sanity is at stake, the only way to escape is the one that leads out of reality: movies and TV series are watched compulsively.

It is the cinema/TV therapy, streaming is the new world.

And so, while COVID 19 sends Hollywood into an unprecedented crisis, Netflix has millions of new subscribers.

The characters of the big and the small screen become the new BFFs, the new heroes to love or hate.

And who build these characters, define these characters, help the actors to play these characters, are always them: the costume designers.

And even costume designers, like everyone, had to deal with the pandemic, with the fear, with isolation, with getting stuck overnight in a place that they – being used to working very long hours on set around the world – know little about: their home.

Seven costume designers open their homes and their hearts, share their personal experience with quarantine and pandemic, with the uncertainty and with the fact that everything can be called into question. But also with hope, with rediscovering the meaningful things in life and with discovering new feelings.

And with the same question: what will the world look like when those locked doors fly open?