Docu-Series in development: “Hollywood Greek Fire – ΟΙ ΕΛΛΗΝΕΣ ΤΟΥ ΧΟΛΙΓΟΥΝΤ”

Docu-Series in development: “Hollywood Greek Fire – ΟΙ ΕΛΛΗΝΕΣ ΤΟΥ ΧΟΛΙΓΟΥΝΤ”
documentary-series in development
director Sakis Lalas
scriptwriter Valentina De Giorgi

Stratton Leopold is a film producer. He is big on family and, even in his years as Vice President of Production at Paramount, he never stopped to run the ice-cream parlor opened by his parents who emigrated to US from Greece.

Jim Gianopulos is the former CEO of Paramount. He always looks forward, he does not keep up with the times, he anticipates them. But there are two constant things in his life: the continuation of traditions and his guitar, that he always plays while sipping a coffee, strictly Greek.

Spyros Skouras Jr. grew up on bread and cinema: his grandfather Spyros Skouras was the legendary President of the 20th Century Fox (from 1942 till 1962). Today he is a Hollywood agent, with a great passion: archaeology. To which he dedicates all his free time.

Mary Zophres is a costume designer, she designed the costumes of cult movies like “Lalaland” and “The Big Lebowski”. But she is above all a mother: every day, before going to the studios, she makes breakfast for her child and puts away his toys scattered around the house.

These are just some of the characters of this docu-series, dedicated to Hollywood’s big names united by their Greek roots.

Hollywood Greek Fire” started as a Sakis Lalas photographic project and an exhibition displayed in Athens in December 2018, during the Film Factory of the Hellenic Film Academy.

Now it becomes a documentary-series.

Every episode is a sneeking into the lives of people that made – and still today make – the history of cinema, TV and theater. Men and women with strong Greek roots that they never forgot, because from those roots comes their strength, their ability to accept the challenges knowing that everything is possible. Their ardent passion is a fire that never dies out. A Greek fire.

Production stage:

The docu-series is currently at the development stage. The Dark Candy Productions has already secured access to all the subjects involved and are now looking for funding and Co-Producers.

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SakisLalasPhoto_6024bKARY ANTHOLIS – Former President HBO (Sakis Lalas@photo)


SakisLalasPhoto_6514JIM GIANOPULOS – Former CEO Paramount (Sakis Lalas@photo)


SakisLalasPhoto_5781STRATTON LEOPOLD – Producer Mission impossible III (Sakis Lalas@photo)


sakisLalasPhoto_6833MARY ZOPHRES – Costume Designer La La Land (Sakis Lalas@photo)


SakisLalasPhoto_7407 copiaLIZZIE GEORGIOU – Make Up Designer Guardians of the Galaxy I (Sakis Lalas@photo)


SakisLalasPhoto_2724JO KATSARAS – Costume Designer Fear the Walking Dead (Sakis Lalas@photo)

SakisLalasPhoto_3126MARIA MENOUNOS – TV Anchorwoman E!News U.S.A. (Sakis Lalas@photo)


SakisLalasPhoto_4164JOANNA TOPETZES – Stage Producer (Sakis Lalas@photo)


BW_SakisLalasPhotoEVAN SPILIOTOPOULOS – screenwriter Beauty and the Beast 2017 (Sakis Lalas@photo)


ANTHEA SYLBERT – Costume Designer Chinatown & Rosemary’s Baby (Sakis Lalas@photo)


SakisLalasPhoto_2025HARIS ZAMBARLOUKOS – Director of Photography Cinderella 2017 (Sakis Lalas@photo)


SakisLalasPhoto2443CHRISI KARVONIDES – Costume Designer American Horror Story (Sakis Lalas@photo)



Sakis Lalas©Photo - www.sakislalas.comPHEDON PAPAMICHAEL – Director of Photography Nebraska (Sakis Lalas@photo)


Alexandre Desplat composer

ALEXANDRE DESPLAT – Composer The Grand Budapest Hotel (Sakis Lalas@photo)


Romain Gavras

ROMAIN GAVRAS – Director The world is yours (Sakis Lalas@photo)



SPYROS SKOURAS Jr. – Hollywood talent agent (Sakis Lalas@photo)


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